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Dr Tahni Schlabach (nee Gook) (Osteopath & Lymphoedema Therapist) completed her studies to become an osteopath at RMIT, graduating from the Masters of Osteopathy course with Distinction in 2014.

Tahni also received the award for highest GPA score for her course at RMIT, along with the Osteopathy Australia award for best Masters of Osteopathy student across the 3 universities in Australia in 2014.

Her Masters study included studying the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment & techniques on post mastectomy lymphoedema.


She has now been one of the first group of osteopaths to gain dual accreditation with her accreditation as an ALA endorsed lymphoedema therapist.


Tahni moved over to Adelaide to work as an osteopath at Southside Clinic in 2015 where she gained great experience in a busy city clinic.


Tahni decided to relocate home in 2016 to be closer to family and friends in Victoria and believed Shepparton was the perfect place to open as accessibility to health professionals is lower than in major cities.


Tahni enjoys treating all ages and conditions, however has a particular interest in upper body conditions, including neck pain and headaches. She worked as an Allied Health Assistant during her studies and quite enjoyed working with the aged demographic and believes osteopathy can have major impacts on their quality of movement and therefore life.

She also enjoys treating adolescents and dancers as she is a qualified calisthenics coach and has a strong background in communicating with this demographic.

Using osteopathic techniques such as joint manipulation, fascial stretching and myofascial release, soft tissue treatment, mobilisation, along with dry needling, Tahni believes osteopathy has the potential to improve multiple musculoskeletal complaints. 


Tahni has a strong belief in a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to managing the patients she sees and often refers to and consults with varying specialists in their field, be it personal training, pilates, physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, GPs, orthopaedic & medical specialists, Chinese medicine practitioners, PT's and naturopaths, depending on the needs of the individual.


In her spare time, Tahni enjoys doing Latin American dancing, pilates, yoga, running, gym work, walking her dog Remi, cooking, watching her beloved Carlton Blues, spending time with family and friends and reading.


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