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Osteopathy is a manual form of primary healthcare with an emphasis on structural integrity. The core philosophy of osteopathy is about structure governing function. What we mean by that is that if the muscles are relaxed and the joints aren’t restricted then the body can move more freely. This will mean the lymphatic system can function the circulation improves, therefore the body can heal itself more efficiently.


Using a ‘whole person’ approach to health, we aim to get your body functioning better so you can live your life in the best way possible with plenty of energy for living.

 Being primary healthcare practitioners with 5 years university study, osteopaths are trained to perform standard medical assessments of neurological, orthopaedic, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


This knowledge and skill set allows you to feel comfortable and safe that the osteopath is trained to recognize when you may need medical referral.



Our Vision:

At Revive Health Osteopathy the main aim is to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the client with an exceptional standard of knowledge, care and skill.


 Our Mission:  

To use my expert knowledge to deliver the most appropriate individualized management plan for the client’s health.

The focus on the client is of utmost importance so I will use an outstanding level of dedication, drive, compassion and empathy to achieve excellence.



COMMITMENT- to achieving the best outcome for the client


HONESTY – to each client, myself and my referral network


PROFESSIONALISM – to stand out as a first choice for client’s healthcare


TEAMWORK – to work together with other healthcare and fitness providers to achieve optimal health and wellbeing for the client

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